Magnets for Sandy

Hurricane Sandy wrecked a whole bunch of stuff that I care about. I don’t live in the area, I’m not qualified to join the relief effort, and I don’t have a ton of money. But I have a bunch of melty beads, and you want an awesomesauce magnet, so let’s make this happen!

Apologies for the terrible picture. They're nicer in person!

Apologies for the terrible picture. They’re nicer in person!

Pricing scheme:

$2: I’ll send you a randomly-chosen magnet plus a handwritten holiday card. I already have a couple dozen of these beadsprites made, you’ll get one of those.

$4: I take requests. It has to be 8-bit, a single character or object. You get this and the card.

$10: Custom sprite based on your DnD character or whatever. Caveat: Your character has to have a recognizable design. If you’re some Liefieldian monster, that’s your own fault and you should just donate the money yourself. You also get the holiday card.

Also, if you donate a dollar or more directly to the Red Cross and can show me proof, I’ll send you a post card. Everyone likes getting mail, right?¬†Email with proof and your address. (Or the address of someone who deserves random postcards. I don’t particularly care who gets it.)