What the hell have I been up to?I’ve

What the hell have I been up to?

I’ve been sans computer for a while, so my very minimal blagging was on Tumblr. I got a Chromebook a couple weeks back, so ideally I’ll get to posting more soon.

I’m Yelp Elite now. My reviews are overwhelmingly positive, unlike a lot of Yelpers. 93% of my reviews are three stars or higher. 50% of my reviews are four or five stars. (The only time I’m really harsh is if you have a job working in a nice, climate-controlled office with little potential for personal injury and limited interaction with the general public and you’re still a douche. It’s a pretty exclusive category.) I’m actually not sure what Yelp Elite is FOR. There’s some promotional parties for things, but basically it doesn’t mean anything? I Yelp because it’s helped me find new things to do and places to go when I’ve moved cities, and I like reviewing things that don’t need reviews. Like the Pike Place Gum Wall. Ew.

Anyway. I’ve been writing a bit more. I’m 5000 words into a project. I hear talking about it makes you less likely to actually do it. I’d like to have something one can actually hold by September or so.

I have a dog, Ludo, who eats free time and craps out love. Seriously, he’s wonderful, but I get significantly less sleep with him around. And I’ve had a video game for a month that I haven’t yet played. But going to the dog park is probably the best thing ever. My next post might be all about how to make dog biscuits. Stay tuned.


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