The virtual tea party

Conan! What’s best in life?

Tea time? It's always tea time.

Tea clock by Hamed Saber

A comfortable place to sit, a good pot of tea, and friends to share it with.

It’s a lot of work to throw a tea party. You have to find a day when everyone can make it. You have to clean the house and sometimes rearrange the furniture. Refreshments must be made. Conversation has to be steered away from sensitive topics. Clean-up must be done afterwards. If the party’s successful, you’re expected to host another.

There’s no substitute for the real thing, naturally, but one can hold a decent salon online. You like tea? Cool, me too! You’re in the right place. You like cooking weird things, reading voraciously and crafting? Holy fuck, are you Pinterest? Let’s be lady-bros!

The philosophy of Biscuits For Tea: try to like stuff. I’m going to post about stuff I enjoy and we’re going to have some goddamned positivity in here. It’s okay to dislike things, but in general, I make an effort to like things up until they suck. And while I enjoy irony as much as the next twenty-something, I try to approach things in a sincere, genuine manner.

Welcome to my virtual tea party! We’re reclaiming tea parties for people who want to drink tea from little cups.


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